Ultra Pure Water

Ultra-Pure Water is highly filtered De-ionized water that does not contain any electrolytes.

The applications that demand ultrapure water (UPW) are unforgiving, which means consistency is key and also a big challenge for process water containing varying amounts of soluble and non-soluble contaminants. Membrane Group’s comprehensive treatment backed by the confidence of industry-leading water quality monitoring will deliver UPW that fits your specific needs, day after day. As demand for higher purity water continues to increase in leading-edge industries, such as semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical production and thermal power production, Membrane Group’s ongoing investment in ultrapure water (UPW) technology leadership is unwavering.

We are committed to developing the world’s highest level of UPW production technologies with state-of-the-art separation, removal and purification technologies, ion exchange and oxidation to produce water that is as close as possible to theoretically pure H2O. Membrane Group also offers wastewater treatment and reclamation systems that provide an optimal means for treating the organic and inorganic wastewater discharged during the various production processes involving UPW.

From the installation of UPW systems in your plant, to turnkey operations and maintenance management, Membrane Group provides highly customized services and solutions designed to maximize your efficiency and ROI.

UPW Applications:

Pharmaceutical Industry

Semiconductor Industry

Power Generation

Solar & Photovoltaic Industry

Automobile Industry- DI Application

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