Condensate Polishing

Condensate Polishing Unit is used to treat water condensed from vapor arising due to any thermal / non thermal evaporation process. In Food and Beverage industry, treatment of this condensate is critical as it carries organics and other solvents which have a lower boiling point than water and are harmful to the environment if not treated.

Few Applications are listed below:

Condensate from Production of Ethanol/ Bio-ethanol

Condensate from Sugar Concentration

Condensate from Milk Powder Production Plant

Membrane Group, owing to its extensive research and development in this sector has developed technologies which not only treat these condensate streams at low operating costs but also deliver treated water which can be re-used within the process and thereby implementing closed loop cycle.

For each application Membrane Group has created tailored solutions using different technologies such as Hybrid Anaerobic Reactors, Nano Filtration, Membrane Based Systems, Forward Osmosis which not only help industries to reuse this water but also recover valuable resources, minimize waste at lowest operating costs.

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