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The textile industry is one of the most water consuming and polluting industries in the world. As a result, textile factories are under increasing pressure from both society and governments, who are demanding more sustainable textile production. Stringent regulation on the use and reuse of water in the textile industry is a growing trend, and some countries have even implemented regulations that require Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD). It is a tough balancing act for factory owners to use less water, reuse more water, use less chemicals and minimize liquid waste – all while running a profitable business – especially as tightening regulations typically entail costly investments in complicated cleaning processes and land.

At Membrane Group, we make it possible for factory owners to comply with, and even exceed, regulations while also lowering capital and operating expenses. By using our Advanced and innovative technologies for your water and wastewater treatment, you can minimize the steps needed to fulfil internal and external requirements to:


Solutions Offered for The Industry

Zero Liquid Discharge

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