Advanced Oxidation Process Reactor

Advanced Oxidation Process Reactor

Advanced chemical oxidation processes (AOP) make use of (chemical) oxidants to reduce COD/BOD levels, and to remove both organic and oxidizable inorganic components. The processes can completely oxidize organic materials to carbon dioxide and water using a combination of an Oxidizing agent (Hydrogen Peroxide/ Ozone) and Ultra Violet.

Advanced oxidation processes are particularly appropriate for effluents containing refractory, toxic or non-biodegradable materials. The processes offer several advantages over biological or physical processes, including:

– process operability
– unattended operation
– the absence of secondary wastes
– the ability to handle fluctuating flow rates and compositions

Membrane Group’s AOP offers a proven solution for water and wastewater management, providing state-of-the-art tertiary treatment. The AOP system enables safe water reuse as well as prevents environmental damage.

AOP can help customers tackle the following problems:

Removal of Hard-to-treat organics

Removal of micro pollutants and emerging contaminants

Colour removal from inks, dyes, other colourants