Nano Filtration

Nano Filtration

Nano filtration (NF) is a unique technology which offers various advantages over reverse osmosis when selective removal of ions, impurities is required.  NF is also a pressure driven process like RO, however, due to the lower rejection rates, the pressure requirement of NF is much lower than RO thereby generating savings in terms of Power costs.

Membrane Group’s NF Systems using Hollow Fiber NF Technology can be used on a wide variety of applications as they combine the features of both UF and RO. These systems can block all kinds of micro pollutants, as well as remove organics and salinity at the same time. This combined feature helps our clients to reduce their capital as well as operating costs.

Whether it be wastewater treatment reuse, color removal, process separation or Surface water softening, these NF Systems can deliver excellent results at much lower operation costs compared to conventional systems.



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