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The power generation industry is one of the highest consumers of water worldwide, making water and wastewater treatment a vital topic. At Membrane Group, we have extensive experience and solid track record with coal, gas fired, and biomass power plants. We offer our customers complete industrial treatment solutions and technologies to meet purity, recycling, and discharge guidelines.

One of the key challenges in coal based power plants is treatment of Flue Gas Desulfurization waste water. Treating FGD wastewater requires the removal of emission contaminants including selenium, mercury, arsenic and nitrate, which can be challenging. A compliant solution for coal fired power plants is Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), a proven process which totally eliminates FGD wastewater discharge through the recovery of clean water for reuse, and converting suspended solids and emission content into dry solids suitable for disposable. Membrane Group has vast, unparalleled experience with ZLD, having designed, installed, and operated a number of proven ZLD systems for various applications.

Membrane Group provides various types of treatment systems tailored for use with power plants ranging from Pre-treatment Systems, Boiler Feed Water Treatment, Cooling Tower Blowdown Treatment to Recycling and Reuse which help the clients to reduce raw water intake, reduce cost of operations, improve environmental practices and re-use the water.

Solutions Offered for The Industry

Zero Liquid Discharge

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Water Treatment